Unb Graduate Student Collective Agreement

GSTA appointments should not exceed 10 hours per week on average. If a full-time graduate has more than one GSTA appointment or a combination of GSTA (s) and GSRA (s), the total number of hours of employment should not exceed the weekly average of 10 hours. Graduates can be in charge of the scholarship and are then covered by the collective agreement on university contract workers. Prospective employers should consult the agreement to obtain information about students teaching courses. Prices on the stock exchange have an estimated number of hours. Graduates who teach on scholarships cannot arrange a GSTA appointment at the same time. All UNB graduates are members of the UNB Graduate Student Association and do their best to represent our student voices on university committees. However, the GSA does not have the legal means or the means to negotiate better working conditions, fair treatment and fair remuneration on behalf of student workers. A union does both legally and resource-effectively. Want to hire a student? Complete the authorization form for the payment of GSTA and GSRA and send it to the Graduate School of Studies. Looking for more information on hiring a graduate as a CAE professor? Check out the recommended process on the staff website. All postgraduate and RAAS at UNB will receive the rights and benefits stipulated in our collective agreement. All members of the UGSW have the right, if necessary, to be supported by the Union.

Membership of the Union gives the right to participate fully in local elections and general assemblies. The Union negotiates and acts on behalf of all its members. The more postgraduate TAs and ASRs, the more our decisions will reflect our collective concerns. Employment rates that do not require a university degree may be lower than the rates of pay for GSTA and GSRA appointments. However, these positions are subject to the same average weekly limit (10 hours) as any simultaneous job as GSTA, GSRA or both must take into account. Note: The part-time employment form and accompanying documentation must be submitted to the Graduate School at least 6 weeks before the start of the semester in which the student teaches, in order to have sufficient time for verification and, if not authorized, for an alternative trainer.

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