Von Der Leyen Withdrawal Agreement

But when asked how the EU can negotiate with partners who violate international agreements – US President Donald Trump on the Paris climate accords and the nuclear deal with Iran or Johnson on the withdrawal deal – von der Leyen cited another preferred Britishism. COMMISSION President Ursula von der Leyen said on Thursday that London had „restored confidence” in the UK`s relationship with the EU and that the UK government`s efforts to breach the Brexit withdrawal treaty were a „bad surprise.” Digital: Rapid broadband coverage on the continent is particularly needed to enable the development of rural areas, especially in the context of accelerating changes in working patterns due to the pandemic. Dr von der Leyen called for more investment in technology and skills development and said that 20% of the 750 billion euros should be spent on digital targets. She called for a comprehensive agreement on digital taxation from the OECD, but said that if not, the Commission would propose its own plan in the first half of 2021. Von der Leyen said the EU would always respect the agreements that will be signed and that „we will never see that again.” In EU talks with Britain on future relations after leaving the bloc, she acknowledged that „every day that is over, the chances of reaching a timely agreement are diminishing.” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told EU lawmakers that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson`s plans to denounce part of britain`s EU withdrawal agreement have further dampened those hopes. In her speech on Wednesday, Von der Leyen, quoting former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, also stressed the need for Britain to respect the withdrawal treaty. „And we`ll never do it again. This agreement has been ratified by this House and the House of Commons. It cannot be changed, despised or applied unilaterally. It is a question of law, trust and good faith. The Commissioner promised that the EU would stick to the withdrawal agreement signed last year, which „guarantees the rights of our fellow citizens, the financial interests, the integrity of the internal market – and above all the Good Friday Agreement.” „It makes no sense to negotiate a future deal (with) a British prime minister who throws out the window of the agreement he himself signed,” said Manfred Weber of the centre-right European People`s Party. The European Parliament should approve any trade deal, and the chairman of the largest legislative group said that any deal with EU lawmakers would have no chance if the UK.

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